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quick-ship program

Need poles in a hurry? Our Quick-Ship Program is designed to accommodate a 2-week or less lead time on our most-frequently ordered standard steel poles. These poles are available in Textured White (TWH), Dark Bronze (DB), Textured Medium Bronze (TMB), Textured Grey (TGR), Textured Black (TBK). Selection of other powder-coat finishes exclude orders from the Quick-Ship Program

Download Quick-Ship Program Documents

Quick-Ship Pole Options

Catalog Number
Mounting Height (Ft.)
Effective Project Area Rating w/1.3 Gust Factor (Sq. Ft.)
101-4011-15 15 15.1 12.3 9.8 7.0
101-4011-20 20 9.0 7.3 5.9 4.2
101-4011-25 25 4.1 3.3 2.6 1.8
101-5011-25 25 8.5 6.9 5.6 4.0
101-5011-30 30 4.2 3.4 2.7 1.9
101-5007-30 30 10.6 8.6 6.9 4.9

Orders that meet the following criteria ship in 2 weeks or less:

  • Standard square straight steel poles without any modifications (i.e., special bolt circle, pole height other than listed here (cutback), drill mount and tenon top on same pole, mid-pole brackets, GFI receptacle, extended warranties, etc.)
  • Standard T2 tenon or drilled up to four fixtures
  • Dark Bronze, Textured Black, Textured Medium Bronze, Textured Grey, and Textured White powder-coat finish only
  • 19 poles or less

Quick-Ship Drill, Tenon, and Bracket Options

Below are the bracket options that may accompany the Square Straight Steel orders of a quantity of 19 or less poles and ship in 2 weeks or less. Selection of other brackets excludes an order from the Quick-Ship Program.

The following disqualifies an order from our Quick-Ship Program and standard lead times and pricing will apply:

  • Any pole modifications or brackets other than those noted above
  • Color requests outside of those noted above
  • Orders of 20 poles or more

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