Fluted Round Straight Aluminum Poles

Screenshot 2016-03-17 13.02.06Our fluted poles are a 16-flat flute design with shafts extruded from all-new 6063 alloy aluminum tubing and heat treated to produce a T6 temper.

Screenshot 2016-03-17 13.01.57

Anchor Base

The 3” pole comes with a 3-bolt anchor base and the 4” pole comes with a 4-bolt anchor base.  Each base is cast from A356 extruded alloy aluminum that is heat treated to produce a T6 condition. The single-piece base is joined to the pole by a continuous circumferential weld at the outside top and inside bottom of the anchor base.

Base Designs

Our fluted poles can be accompanied with a wide range of decorative base covers and castings to achieve the desired aesthetic. Contact Inside Sales to discuss options.

Product Line

  • 205-FL-3012-10-STD
  • 10
  • 205-FL-3012-12-STD
  • 12
  • 205-FL-3012-14-STD
  • 14
  • 205-FL-4012-10-STD
  • 10
  • 205-FL-4012-12-STD
  • 12
  • 205-FL-4012-14-STD
  • 14
Catalog NumberMounting HeightEffective Projected AreaShaft DimensionsCutsheetTemplate
8090100120Dia. O.D. (in.)Wall Thick.

About Us

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