Washington Aluminum Base Casting and Steel Pole

The poles and base castings listed here are packaged together as our most popular base castings. These are steelWASH poles with a two-piece aluminum base casting.

Note that all of these base castings can be customized to work with other pole sizes and types as needed — contact us for any such requests.

Product Line

  • 401-4011-12-B1CS
  • 12
  • 401-4011-14-B1CS
  • 14
  • 401-4011-16-B1CS
  • 16
  • 401-4011-18-B1CS
  • 18
Catalog NumberMounting HeightEffective Projected AreaShaft DimensionsCutsheetTemplate
8090100120Dia. O.D. (in.)Wall Thick.

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