About Us

this is our team

Our partner support team means business — more business for you, that is. Go ahead, contact one of us below and find out what we mean.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact us for clarification.

We like where we work.

Lyte Poles has become a place of innovation. Not content to play by the rules of yesteryear, our team members want to improve every aspect of how we do business — and what it means to come to work every day.

We’re changing the game.

When it comes to meeting the needs of our partners, we believe setting the bar high is the only way to go. With a commitment to prioritize quality and be steadfastly customer focused, we know that we can be the manufacturer of choice for today and tomorrow.

Our commitment to producing quality products is no different. Aesthetics, structural integrity, and economics are given full consideration for every job. We adhere to standards set forth by AASHTO, ASTM International, and NEMA. All of our products are built using fabricating and welding procedures outlined in the American Welding Society (AWS) manual for steel and aluminum to eliminate welding defects and ensure structural integrity.

In the end, it’s all about relationships.

If you stay in the lighting business for more than a minute, you’ll likely hear the old adage that this is “a people business.” We know this to be true. And, we like it that way.

“The size of the smile on my face is hard to control when I think about the amazing people with whom I am fortunate enough to work.” —Ryan

About Us

Lyte Poles was founded to meet the continued focus on partner demands for high-quality, low-cost, and technologically advanced products. Our commitment to superb partner service and quality makes us the manufacturer partner for today and tomorrow.

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