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Product Instructions

While our products are fairly straightforward to assemble, there are times when having detailed instructions are helpful. Please use the following instruction sheets to support field assembly and installation.

Handling and Storage

There are certain steps you must go through once our poles have reached the job-site. This document summarizes delivery, handling, and storage procedures that should be taken.

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Pole Installation Information

This document explains the necessary steps to properly install an anchor-based pole.

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 Small Parts Hardware


Our poles come with a lot of parts and pieces that are important during installation. This document takes you through what these pieces are and where they go.

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Vibration Dampener Instructions

Website-11Aeolian vibration can be detrimental to poles. These instructions show how to install a vibration dampener to mitigate the effects of Aeolian vibration.

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Stain Removal On Aluminum Poles

Website-12Follow these steps to remove stains on aluminum poles.

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 Pole Maintenance and Inspection

Website-15Pole upkeep and inspection are important in achieving the maximum life expectancy of a pole.

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 Embedded Sports Pole Installation

Website-13Following the steps and procedures outlined in this document should make for a smooth installation of an embedded sports pole.

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Field Painting Procedure


For proper technique and procedure for in-field paint touch ups.

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About Us

Lyte Poles was founded to meet the continued focus on partner demands for high-quality, low-cost, and technologically advanced products. Our commitment to superb partner service and quality makes us the manufacturer partner for today and tomorrow.

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