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Pole Maintenance & Inspection

Regular inspection and maintenance of light poles and luminaires is extremely important. Quarterly to biannual inspections are recommended to maintain safety, longevity, and aesthetics. While there are many aesthetic features to be discovered during these inspections, the list below focuses on items where safety is a concern.

Download Pole Maintenance and Inspection Document

Download Stain Removal for Aluminum Poles Document

Pole and luminaire inspections should consist of — but not be limited to — the following:

Pole Shaft

Visually inspect pole shaft for areas of rust, corrosion, and any dents or signs that the structural integrity has been compromised.

Brackets & Arms

Visually inspect brackets, arms, luminaires, and welds to ensure there is no metal fatigue.

Handhole, Base & Nut Covers

Ensure covers are securely attached.

Anchor Bolts

Ensure all anchor bolt nuts are in place and securely tightened.

Vibrationlyte poles inspection and maintenance

Inspect for signs of vibration, which include:

  • Noise or humming in the pole
  • Visual movement of the luminaire and/or pole
  • Loosening of attachments
  • Rust just above the weld at the base of the pole


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