so, your light pole failed. now what?

Two details will determine if your selected light pole will be successful: Total EPAWind speed of your project location If your selected light pole is strong enough to support the sum EPA at the maximum wind speed, your pole passes.…


steel light poles + galvanized finish = amazing benefits

Considering steel light poles? You’ll have many options when it comes to finishes, one of which we recommend is galvanizing. The galvanization process will protect your steel poles from corrosion better than any other treatment. When steel is submerged in…


the impact of EPA on light pole decisions

Effective Projected Area (EPA) is one way to measure a light pole’s strength. It refers to the total surface area of items (lights, banners, cameras, etc.) that the pole can support at a given windspeed. Your light pole manufacturer will…


inspecting and storing your new light poles

So, your Lyte Poles order has arrived. Great! Here are a few important steps to follow during and immediately after receiving your shipment. inspecting your light poles Before you sign off on that delivery, it’s important to check the contents.…


a new forum: connecting lighting professionals

Stronger skills. More connections. Those are just two advantages of joining the American Association of Independent Lighting Agents (AAILA). It’s a member-led industry forum that strengthens the capabilities of independent agents and connects them to lighting and controls manufacturers. Our…


5 benefits of composite light poles

1. they could outlive you On average, the service life of a composite pole is 60-70 years, which is much longer than steel, aluminum and wood poles. 2. lighter than the other guys Thanks to the filament-wound fiberglass reinforced plastic…


the standards that guide our work

You may have noticed the number of companies that claim to produce high-quality products. At Lyte Poles, we don’t just make that claim. We aim to prove it by manufacturing lights poles that satisfy the strict standards set forth by…


benefits of our move to project management

Have you seen our announcements about our new Project Management team? You may be wondering why we made that change. Here’s an explanation of the problems we needed to fix and how you benefit from our new front-line group. out…


work together. create complete light pole orders. success.

Prepping your next light pole order? It’s important to include accurate details. Incomplete or inaccurate information can lead to expensive errors and major setbacks in fulfillment. Here’s a guide to help with your next order. details we need to process…


project management: a better way to do business

Our new Project Management team was constructed to redefine how we provide the ideal resources and product knowledge our sales partners need to quote a project and submit purchase orders. Project Managers will work with you from quoting through shipping…

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Lyte Poles was founded to meet the continued focus on partner demands for high-quality, low-cost, and technologically advanced products. Our commitment to superb partner service and quality makes us the manufacturer partner for today and tomorrow.

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