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Prepping your next light pole order? It’s important to include accurate details. Incomplete or inaccurate information can lead to expensive errors and major setbacks in fulfillment. Here’s a guide to help with your next order. details we need to process…


project management: a better way to do business

Our new Project Management team was constructed to redefine how we provide the ideal resources and product knowledge our sales partners need to quote a project and submit purchase orders. Project Managers will work with you from quoting through shipping…


improve purchase order efficiency with PoleVault™

We want to make sure you have all the resources you need to properly and efficiently enter purchase orders. PoleVault™ is an easy access point for pricing, product guides, small-parts reference sheets, new-customer credit application, and other helpful resources. always…


CSA-Listed: what it means for light poles

Do you have a client who needs CSA-Listed light poles? You may be wondering who CSA is and what that means for the ordering process. Canadian Standards Association (CSA) International is a group that certifies electrical and mechanical products, and…


accessories: explore your options

Accessories are to light poles as guacamole is to tacos. Sure, you could eat tacos without guacamole, but they wouldn’t be as tasty. Light poles can still stand without add-ons, but you lose important functionality and aesthetics. Check out this…


finding the perfect color for your light poles

first thing’s first: the finish You may already know that every Lyte Poles light pole is protected by our thermosetting polyester powder coating process. The full finishing process varies depending on which warranty you’ve selected, but at minimum, all poles,…


3 steps to touching up your light poles

Good news: your Lyte Poles poles are protected by a standard three-year finish warranty — with the option to extend this to five or ten years. This means you can count on us to back the finish of our poles…


installing your new light poles

So, you’ve placed an order for new light poles. First step, done! Now, it’s time to plan the installation. Whether you’re working with embedded or anchored poles, keep in mind that the soil will vary for each project site. So,…


why composite poles are a better option in storm zones

Each year, storms in the U.S. cause $18-33 billion in damage. A significant amount of that cost is allocated to repairing or replacing fallen wooden utility poles. When light poles fall, they can cause power outages, damage vehicles and buildings,…


what hardware is included with your poles?

So, you’ve ordered your new light poles – hooray! To help you plan for the assembly and installation, here’s a breakdown of the hardware that comes with the poles. small pieces Pole Caps. All side-mounted poles (those with mounting provisions…

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