accessories: explore your options

accessories: explore your options

Accessories are to light poles as guacamole is to tacos.

Sure, you could eat tacos without guacamole, but they wouldn’t be as tasty.

Light poles can still stand without add-ons, but you lose important functionality and aesthetics.

Check out this list of available Lyte Poles accessories.

ABS base covers – These composite enclosures enhance the appearance of your steel poles. They use push pins and a two-piece design to conceal your steel pole’s base plate and anchor bolts.Covers are available in a multitude of colors to create a cohesive look to the structure.

banner arm – Our spillable banner arms are engineered with spring-loaded attachments to reduce banner loading and prevent damage during high winds. They’re available as bolt-on or banded attachments.

transformer bases – Transformer bases are an AASHTO-approved breakaway device often used on structures located near roadways.Our transformer bases are constructed from A356 aluminum alloy and are heat-treated to a T6 temper condition. Steel bases are also available.

breakaway couplings – Breakaway couplings are an alternative to breakaway transformer bases and provide a spacer between a light pole and its foundation that enables the pole to break away after impact. Complete with square steel skirt covers, our couplings, sourced through Transpo Industries, have been crash-tested and FHWA approved per the requirements of NCHP Report 350. They also conform to AASHTO standards.

flag holder -All Lyte Poles flag holders are manufactured with a back mounting plate and come with mounting hardware. The standard length of our holders is 6 inches unless otherwise specified.

lowering winch -If you have hinged steel poles, you’ll need a portable lowering winch. It connects to the pole shaft and allows users to safely lower the top section of the pole for fixture maintenance. Lowering winches can be manual or electric.

pole caps – We use high-grade black composite to construct our pole caps. They’re designed to prevent water and debris from entering the pole shaft.

pole top tenon adapters -These adapters allow a side-mount fixture to be attached to a pole top that was originally supplied with a tenon. The adapter matches the size of the pole and securely attaches to the tenon with bolts and screws.

two-tier adapter plate -Also known as “goof plates,” our two-tier adapter plates provide a quick fix when anchor bolts are set incorrectly in the field. The bottom base plate accepts the positioning of the incorrectly set anchor bolts and the top base plate provides the correct bolt circles needed to support the pole. A custom steel base cover is also provided to hide the fix. This is one of our most popular accessories.

Lyte Poles products can be engineered to the specific needs of your next light pole job. Reach out to us to learn more today.

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