installing your new light poles

installing your new light poles

So, you’ve placed an order for new light poles. First step, done!

Now, it’s time to plan the installation. Whether you’re working with embedded or anchored poles, keep in mind that the soil will vary for each project site. So, it’s important to consult with an engineer who’s familiar with the local soil conditions.

If you ordered embedded poles,(1) you’ll find a suggested burial depth on your Lyte Poles quote. Have questions about embedded installation? Talk with our team.

If you ordered anchored light poles, here’s what to expect(2):

your hardware

The anchor bolts included in your shipment are specifically selected to withstand the load limitations requested for your order. You’ll also be sent a bolt circle template that conforms to the bolt circle on your pole base.

Please note that if you’re using leveling nuts, the bottom of the lowest nut should be no more than one inch from the concrete surface. The larger the space between your base plate and the concrete, the more stress there will be on your anchor bolts.

If your anchorage will be supplied by another manufacturer, (3) please contact them for the correct bolt size and strength.

the installation process

Step 1. Have an engineer pour your concrete foundation.

Step 2. Attach a sling to the top of the pole.

Step 3. Attach your luminaires and wiring.

Step 4. Place the leveling nuts and washers on the anchor bolts.

Step 5. Erect the pole. (Note: Never stand a pole without the intended loading attached.)

Step 6. Position the pole over the anchor bolts and set it down on the leveling nut washers.

Step 7. Once the pole is perfectly horizontal, place the anchor nuts and washers on the anchor bolts and then tighten them.

Need to request a foundation calculation or pre-order anchor bolts? Contact us.

Our Pole Info Center is full of information about our ordering logic, finish colors and warranties, vibration dampeners and other resources. Click here to learn more.

1. Lyte Poles is not responsible for decisions regarding the installation, embedded depth or factors related to the project site.

2. This is a high-level description of the installation of our structures. It’s important to note this is not a comprehensive installation guide. Please work with qualified installation contractors for equipment and practices that meet the conditions of each job location. Lyte Poles is not responsible for any damage that may occur during or after installation, or for any structure that has been modified by the purchaser or used in a way other than our application recommendations.

3. Lyte Poles is not responsible for the structural integrity of your light poles if the anchor bolts are being supplied by another factory.

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