5 common light pole problems (and their solutions)

5 common light pole problems (and their solutions)

1. uh oh, the bolt circle on the base plate of my new light pole doesn’t match the pattern of the existing anchor bolts in the concrete.

That’s typically caused by:
• Replacing poles on older properties, as base plate designs have evolved over time
• Assuming poles of the same size share the same bolt pattern
• Different terminology/designs across pole manufacturers

The solution: Our two-tier adapter (a.k.a. “goof”) plate can fix a variety of anchor-bolt issues. Click here to learn more.

2. my poles arrived at the job site damaged.

Light poles are large, awkward structures to ship and handle. And some carriers don’t transport light poles frequently enough to be truly skilled at preventing damage to poles.

The solution: Light poles must be properly packaged for LTL freight or shipped with a specialized carrier. We’ve been packing and shipping poles for nearly 50 years — that’s a lot of experience we channel toward significantly reducing freight claims for our customers. Click here for information about what to expect when our products arrive at a job site.

3. it sometimes takes too long to get a pole.

Typical causes of long lead times:
• Large-quantity orders
• Custom designs or finishes
• Large poles with multiple accessories and provisions

The solution: Unfortunately, poles are often the last thing planned for on a job. And, by then, they are needed yesterday. It is important to consider the lead time of all products when pulling together a lighting job — poles are no exception. It is important to work with your local sales rep to determine lead times for all of our products so you can best plan when to submit your order. Of course, if you need your poles faster, let Teresa know and he’ll see what we can do to help.

4. my poles are rusting.

Steel is a highly corrosive material. Rust will occur over time, but pole manufacturers offer numerous corrosion resistance options, ranging from multi-stage surface cleaning, powder coating, internal rust inhibitors, and galvanizing. While aluminum is naturally more corrosion resistant, it will oxidize over time. Powder coating, satin polish, and anodizing are common finishes for aluminum structures.  

Improper cleaning or finishing of poles will lead to pre-mature weathering. Additionally, damage to the finish on the pole during or after installation or exposure to extreme weather and excessive salt may result in early corrosion.

The solution: Our light poles are carefully crafted to withstand the natural elements. And, if something should happen, we’ve got your back with our 3-year finish warranty.

5. my light pole assembly isn’t providing enough light.

That’s usually caused by improper planning. Depending on how much light the property needs, additional poles and fixtures may be required.

The solution: Talk with our team to learn about all your lighting options.

Need help solving a light pole challenge? Teresa is glad to help.

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