a guide to our options and accessories

a guide to our options and accessories

You may not think about it often, but a light pole is a great piece of real estate. To make the most of it, we offer a wide variety of options and accessories to meet the needs  of your light pole project. Here are a few fan favorites.

most popular options

The welded nipple and coupling are commonly used to attach smaller fixtures and cameras. A welded nipple is an externally threaded hub and a welded coupling is an internally welded hub. Click on these links to see specifications for each.

View Welded Nipple Cut Sheet

View Welded Coupling Cut Sheet

welded pipe nipple

1/21.131/2 NPT.62
3/41.383/4 NPT.82
11.501 NPT1.05
1 1/41.631 1/4 NPT1.38
1 1/21.751 1/2 NPT1.61
22.002 NPT2.07

welded merchant couplings

1/21.561.07 1/2 NPT
3/41.63 1.32 3/4 NPT
12.00 1.59 1 NPT
1 1/42.06 1.91 1 1/2 NPT
1 1/2 2.06 2.21 1 1/2 NPT
22.13 2.76 2 NPT
2 1/23.133.252 1/2 NPT

most popular attachment

Outside of fixtures, security cameras are among the items most frequently attached to light poles. We offer a wide variety of camera mounting options that are welded to the pole and powder coated to match. Click here to learn more.

Camera Mounting Options

top 3 accessories

Our transformer bases are available in aluminum and steel and meet AASHTO requirements.

Lyte Pole’s banner arms are engineered to reduce a banner’s loading on a pole. We offer both bolt-on and banded attachments.

Two-tier adapter plates reduce the labor and time required to fix anchor bolts that are set incorrectly. Also known as “goof plates,” we fabricate the bottom plate of the adapter to accommodate the positioning of the incorrectly set anchor bolts. The top plate provides the correct bolt circle. A custom steel base cover is provided to hide the fix!

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