how to avoid mismatched color finishes

how to avoid mismatched color finishes

When pulling together a lighting job, making sure your customers are getting fixtures and poles that look like they are meant to go together might just keep you up at night. Color matching in the lighting industry is no small feat.

but don’t panic. we’re here for you!

We’ve been providing exact fixture-color matches on our poles for 50 years. So, we’ve gotten pretty good at it.

In fact, we offer 17 standard colors to choose from — more than any other pole provider in the industry. We can also match a RAL color or provide a custom color match. Click here to learn more about our colors and finishes.

the matching process

Please keep in mind that the custom-color matching process adds some lead time to your order. You can help us streamline the process by promptly filling out this request form and sending us a color chip of the shade you need us to match.

Have a specific color in mind? We’re here to help.

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