how we meet the 1933 Buy American Act

how we meet the 1933 Buy American Act

At Lyte Poles, we rely on a network of excellent suppliers to support us in manufacturing our light poles. Most of them are located inside the U.S. — making it easy for our poles and brackets to meet the requirements of the Buy American Act.

what’s the Buy American Act?

In place since 1933, the Buy American Act requires the U.S. federal government to buy goods from American companies whenever the price exceeds the micro-purchase threshold. All products purchased for public use — including the materials, supplies and end products — must be manufactured with U.S.-made components within the United States.

The Buy American Act applies to end products from American firms purchased with U.S. federal government contracts for raw materials mined or produced in the U.S. and/or American-made products with at least 50% of the component cost coming from the United States.

While we have no issues conforming to the requirements of the Buy American Act, it is important to let us know it is required at the time an order is placed. This allows us to ensure that all of the required documentation is made available.

You can read more about the Act here.

Have a project that needs to meet the Buy American Act? Let us know.

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