the choice between powder coat and anodized finish have you spinning?

the choice between powder coat and anodized finish have you spinning?

Recently, a partner asked if we would apply an anodized finish to aluminum light poles that will be installed in Hawaii. We responded that, while anodized coatings offer some protection, we believe powder coat finishes are far superior. Here’s why:

comparing the two finishes

Aesthetically, anodized finishes can be problematic. It’s a challenge to guarantee consistency in the way anodizing looks from pole to pole, making it difficult to ensure all poles on an order match. Powder coating applies consistently, so you’ll enjoy a more unified look.

Powder coating also protects better than an anodized finish, especially in coastal conditions. That’s been proven with the ASTM B117 Salt Fog test, which mimics conditions in Hawaii and Florida. When anodized coating was tested, it began to fail in fewer than 500 hours. Powder coating didn’t show wear until 2,500 hours.

other benefits of powder coating

In addition to a unified look and longer wear, powder coating is:

  • Budget-friendly: Compared to anodizing or wet-coat painting, powder coating is a lower-cost, higher-quality finish.
  • Durable: Powder coating has been proven to be one of the longest-lasting, most color durable, and strongest finishes available. It’s a tough, even, protective coating with no drips, sags, runs, or solvent popping.
  • Easy on the environment: Compared to traditional liquid finishes containing chemical solvents that release volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the environment, powder coating emits nearly zero VOC and results in zero hazardous waste.
  • Efficient: Over time, the absence of VOCs and reduction of waste save you time and money. Powder coating also allows you more flexibility to tailor purchase quantities to fit your needs by buying only the necessary amount of powder coat, thus reducing wasted materials.
  • Safe to handle: As a material that’s less combustible than other finishes, powder coating allows production teams to work in a safe environment. It also has lower electrical requirements, nixes the danger of bringing hazardous materials on-site from inbound shipping, and results in lower insurance premiums.
  • Pretty: Powder coatings come in virtually any color imaginable, through a RAL color (the industry standard for paint and coatings – view RAL color options) or a custom color match.

To learn more about this superior finish, read our post, Prevent Damage and Maintain Appearance with the Best Pole Finish Available.

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