the Lyte Poles blog is here

the Lyte Poles blog is here

If you’re interested in content that provides valuable insight and helps you make smarter decisions on behalf of your customers, you’ve come to the right place. A few times each month, we’ll share tips, success stories, product information and other topics related to light poles and lighting. We’ll even be happy to address your specific questions in this forum. Just email them to with the subject line “Lyte Poles Blog.” If we publish your question, we’ll send you a free gift!

You can trust that we’ll be working to create a blog you can turn to as a reliable resource. And we hope it’ll be information you’ll be proud to share with others in your office and industry.

By the way, our regular emails and weekly Friday Fodder will continue. If you ever have questions about our innovative products and services, or you’d like help with winning a bid or any other aspect of your work, please let us know. Call 586-771-4610 or contact us.

About Us

Lyte Poles was founded to meet the continued focus on partner demands for high-quality, low-cost, and technologically advanced products. Our commitment to superb partner service and quality makes us the manufacturer partner for today and tomorrow.

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