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Quotation Request Form

  • Location is critical for wind zone calculations and freight cost.
  • Is this a quote to set a budget for a project that hasn’t been won or has this project been won and it needs more competitive pricing?
  • More precise project-release dates allow us to price a job more efficiently.
  • Pricing is based on pole material i.e. steel, aluminum, fiberglass.
  • Price will be determined through the height and shaft type (straight square, round tapered, hinged, etc...)
  • The fixture and its EPA can change the engineering and/or type of pole depending on its wind zone.
  • There are two types of bases: anchor base (AB) and embedded (EMB) (also known as direct burial). If AB, are there existing anchor bolts? If so, what is the bolt circle?
  • Price can very from standard to custom colors as well as the type of finish (powder coat, galvanized, etc...)
  • Brackets will add EPA to a pole. Standard brackets with pricing can be found on page 34 of our Standard Product Guide, which can be found on PoleVault™
  • Standard options and accessories with pricing can be found on page 28 of our Standard Product Guide, which can be found on PoleVault™

About Us

Lyte Poles was founded to meet the continued focus on partner demands for high-quality, low-cost, and technologically advanced products. Our commitment to superb partner service and quality makes us the manufacturer partner for today and tomorrow.

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