round tapered composite direct burial

The lighting standards listed here are designed for direct-burial applications. Items mounted on structures require factory consultation — contact our Project Management team for product configuration and pricing.

Our round-tapered composite poles are constructed of thermosetting resin reinforced with glass or other fibers to meet or exceed the performance requirement set forth in ANSI C136.20-2012.

Series 1

Our Series 1 poles range in overall lengths of 13’ to 21’ and are available in a Smooth, Black surface finish. These poles are constructed using a centrifugally cast process with a specially formulated system of glass-fiber and polyester-veil matting, resin, catalyst and UV additives. The pole is formed by inserting the material and resin matrix into a rotating mold, which is heated to allow the resin matrix to polymerize to the intended shape and finish.


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Product Line

  • 415-1-EMB-13
  • 10
  • 415-1-EMB-14
  • 11
  • 415-1-EMB-15
  • 12
  • 415-1-EMB-16
  • 13
  • 415-1-EMB-18
  • 14
  • 415-1-EMB-19
  • 15
  • 415-1-EMB-20
  • 16
  • 415-1-EMB-21
  • 17
Catalog NumberMounting HeightEffective Projected AreaShaft O.D. (in.)Burial Depth (ft)CutsheetTemplate

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