round tapered steel embedded poles


Pole Shaft Specifications

The pole shaft is fabricated from a weldable-grade, hot-rolled commercial quality carbon steel ASTM A-595 Grade A with a guaranteed minimum yield strength of 55,000 psi after fabrication. It is a one-piece construction with a full-length, longitudinal weld. The pole tapers at a rate of 0.14″ per foot.

Direct Burial

An optional alkali-resistant coal tar epoxy can be applied to the burial portion of embedded poles. Our direct burial poles are supplied complete with a 2×4″ wiring slot below grade.

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Product Line

  • 301-5211-15-EMB
  • 15
  • 301-5911-20-EMB
  • 20
  • 301-7011-20-EMB
  • 20
  • 301-6511-25-EMB
  • 25
  • 301-8011-25-EMB
  • 25
  • 301-8511-30-EMB
  • 30
Catalog NumberMounting HeightEffective Projected AreaShaft DimensionsBurial Depth (ft)Pole DataCutsheetTemplate
8090100120Wall Thick.Base O.D.Top O.D.

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